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06 Oct-2021

Why ACT / SAT Scores Still Matter In College Admissions

It’s no surprise that most colleges need you to submit your SAT or ACT score when applying for admissions. Even with the years of debates going around regarding the SAT and ACT’s accuracy as a predictor of a student’s ability to succeed in college and the restrictions laid by the global pandemic, the tests still hold their worth. 

However, the debates and recent COVID-19 situation have introduced us to more than 400 colleges that no longer demand the SAT or the ACT for college admissions. A rising number of institutions are now offering test-optional admissions. These institutes enable students to apply without providing test scores if they believe their scores will hinder their candidacy.

Is ACT / SAT Important? 

With nearly 2.2 million and 1.7 million SAT and ACT test-takers, they are still very important when it comes to college admissions!

Although many institutions have extended their test-optional admissions policy for another year, the ACT and SAT continue to impact merit-based scholarships and college applications significantly.

The following article helps you understand why SAT/ACT scores are pretty much important when getting college admissions. Here’s why:

Scholarships Availability

Your SAT and ACT results imply applying for additional scholarships in addition to college applications. These are merit-based scholarships that are awarded directly from the institution of your choosing during the application process. Others may come from local, state, or regional programs that consider your grades, academic achievements, and test scores.

“Test-Optional” Does Not Imply “Test-Blind”

Although a rising number of schools are indeed opting for test-optional applications, it doesn’t suggest they’re completely unconcerned by an applicant’s test results. Rather, the role of SAT or ACT scores in a student’s admissions chances will change: while scores are no longer required at many institutions, that doesn’t imply they won’t influence students’ admissions chances.

In reality, admissions staff are more likely to prefer students who have outstanding SAT or ACT scores.

Academic Guidance

Once you’ve decided on a college, you’ll almost certainly be required to meet with someone from the institution for academic advice.

Academic counselors or student advisors generally recommend academic programs or paths based on all of the details they know about you, including exam results. Higher exam results and grades signal to the adviser that you are prepared for college-level work. But lower scores may imply that you’ll have to take lower-level courses to catch up in some areas.

In either case, your exam results might reveal a lot to academic counselors about how they can best assist you in learning and succeeding in college.

Choosing A Program

Many universities use the SAT or ACT results to determine course placement. For example, if you score well on the ACT’s English section or the SAT’s Critical Reading section, you may be put in an advanced English class.

If your test score is good enough, some institutions may waive some course requirements, thus allowing you to “test out” of certain subjects.

What Strategies Can One Use To Prepare For SAT/ACT?

Here are some strategies that you can take on board when preparing for SAT/ACT test and develop an effective plan.

  • Take multiple practice test sessions
  • Get preparation goals 
  • Create a timeline for studying
  • Learn new vocabulary 
  • Get external help if needed
  • Practice the online free SAT/ACTs
  • Enhance your critical reading skills

How Can Ed Path Help With Your SAT/ACT Exam Preparation?

At Ed Path, we provide students with a team of educational experts specializing in providing customized support to help them prepare for their SAT and ACT tests. We offer individual education plans to help students achieve their dream ACT and SAT scores. 


It’s clear the importance SAT/ACT test scores hold in a student’s life. From getting admission in their preferred college to being eligible for scholarships, SAT./ACT test scores help many students achieve their lifelong dreams.

With the above-given pointers highlighting why SAT and ACT scores matter, it’s safe to conclude that their worth is far more in a student’s life when it comes to college admissions.

What’s Next?

If you are a student struggling with SAT or ACT exam preparation, contact Ed Path today and get access to the best education advisors. Let’s score higher together!

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