Our Team

Our Team





I formed EdPath to help families customize the services of their public school system in a way that will best serve their children. Without knowledge of their child’s rights or even the options available, parents, and more importantly, their students are often tragically disadvantaged.

The mission of EdPath is to level the playing field for students. Simply stated, we realistically advise families who believe their child’s needs are not being met. This includes understanding, managing, and explaining a child’s IEP; being an impartial liaison between the student and the school; and/or individualized ACT/SAT test preparation.

People don’t work with me to increase their subject matter knowledge, although we do provide tutoring to those who need it. Families come to me for help navigating the business of school. I’ve developed analytics that help me identify where the opportunities are to improve your student’s academic footprint. Most importantly, I only work with students willing to put in serious time.


Family Advisor

EdPath’s academic family adviser for students with unique educational needs. Stacey provides guidance for parents who are concerned for their child in the educational setting. Often times, parents do not believe they have the expertise to properly navigate their child’s educational career. Stacey Robertson has the unique experience and background to advise parents and provide insight and guidance to best support their child in the school setting.


Test Prep Advisor

Joshua Howard grew up in greater Cincinnati, Ohio and went on to receive his B.S. in Math Education from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in 2004. He started to teach high school math in Sarasota, Florida. In 2006, Joshua moved to the Nashville area where he has taught a wide variety of high school math courses and later earned his Masters of Education from Walden University. Joshua has been tutoring ACT preparation for students his entire educational career. 

Joshua is married to Mackenzie and has two children adopted from China. He coached basketball for seven years and brings the coaching mindset to the ACT classroom.


Medical Advisor

Occasionally, EdPath meets families who have students with specific medical needs which directly affect their ability to be successful in the school environment. Parents are often confused with how their child’s medical needs can be addressed in an educational setting. Julie Gasperec spent over a decade as a special educator and a certified school nurse in the public school system.