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11 Aug-2021

What Are The Important Steps Towards Youth Empowerment?

Currently, half of the world’s population is under the age of 30. Among those, 50% of this age group lives in developing economies, and 50% of them live in poverty and unemployment. Young people’s aspirations, needs, and ability to meet their potential growth remain primarily incomplete due to stagnating economic growth and limited opportunities. However, despite the odds, we know that when youth is empowered, the outcomes improve.

The developed countries know that their youth is the future of this world, and thus, they trust their youth and pay attention to their progress. They know if they put youth in the driver’s seat to decide how to improve their environment, they will do it smoothly. Equipping them with the skills, networks, and resources will result in the solution to existing problems of society.

To represent the importance of youth empowerment, every year, on 12 August, we celebrate International Youth Day. This day is cherished to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding the young generation.

We have seen youth support job creation, contribution to economic growth, and much more. But what essential steps lead towards youth empowerment? What are the factors that unleash youth potential? You will find all these answers in this blog.

So stay tuned!

1.    Education Unleashes Youth Potential

Education is the first step towards youth empowerment. For the youth it is the medium that helps them in realizing their true potentials. The youth should be armed with the best possible educational services facilitated with favorable conditions like skill polishing, proper education & career counseling, and more.

In this globalized and knowledge-based world, education is the right of every youth, and each one of them should be allowed to contribute to society. The change always starts with the basics, and without any doubt, child coaching is the root of this transformation.

2.    The Impact Of Parents Involvement In Youth Empowerment

Parents play a fundamental role in shaping a child’s positive character. They are the first influencer for their children who craft their upright character. They design the base for their child on which they walk and achieve the unknown.

However, many parents do not identify how to provide proper counseling to their children due to lack of knowledge and time, busy schedules, lack of understanding, and negligence. All this laxity results in poor youth transformation where one lives in poverty.

To tackle this situation and give your children a better lifestyle and empowerment, we recommend coaching parents. Coaching parents in a proper direction with excellent knowledge can improve the relationship between children & parents and leads towards youth empowerment.

3.    Create Inclusive Programs & Opportunities For Youth

Social interaction is a compelling banner for youth to rally around, but unfortunately, opportunities that support engagement across sectors are not much due to the COVID situation in the world.

However, United States still manages to celebrate International Youth Day with allthe global communities and citizens on a virtual platform. They discussed this year’s theme, “Transforming Food System: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health,” as a part of an inclusive program for the youth.

In short, virtual learning has opened online platforms to introduce inclusive programs for youth. Through remote lessons, students now connect with people worldwide on their laptop screens.

This diverse perspective captured the system’s nuance and complexity. It has unlocked hidden opportunities for the youth to get exclusive advice and knowledge from the experts and education advisors to upsurge their skill-set.

Where To Find The Best Education Advisors?

Youth empowerment through proper education, early childhood teaching, social innovation, and entrepreneurship embarks incredible potential. It solves the mysteries of the communities at a grassroots level.

If you are searching for a professional coach to unleash the youth’s potential, you may contact Ed Path. We have some of the best education advisors with us to help you!

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