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About Us

About us


Our Mission

At EdPath, our mission is to provide customized support to students and their families as they navigate the many and varied facets of the educational process.

The career of EdPath founder, Laura Spretnjak, has been shaped by teaching in both nationally acclaimed public high schools and gang-ridden urban schools. She is an eyewitness of the wide disparities that exist within the public education system in America. Despite those differences, she encountered one common denominator—frustrated parents. She observed the anguish of parents struggling to navigate bureaucracy and legal complexity in helping their child succeed in a public school.

“I formed EdPath to help families customize the services of their public-school system in a way that will best serve their children. Without knowledge of their child’s rights or even the options available, parents and, more importantly, their students are often tragically disadvantaged.

The mission of EdPath is to level the playing field. Simply stated, we advise families and actively advocate for them. Most importantly, we monitor the outcome to assure the agreed-upon services are properly provided.” (Laura Spretnjak, EdPath founder)